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Autism Articles

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Environmental Toxins Linked to Rise in Autism

02 Apr 2014 | 379,543 Views

Newborn blood samples uncover this overlooked cause of autism, a hidden link to other birth problems, and an unexpected economic association. These effects are surprisingly strong, and also share a link to Alzheimer's.

The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum

01 Feb 2014 | 276,205 Views

Hardly anyone heard of this 30 years ago, but now its incidence is rampant. Here are its possible causes and 8 safe and effective things you can do to help conquer it.

Gut Flora May Offer Clues About Autism

18 Jul 2013 | 97,235 Views

The gut microflora of autistic and non-autistic children reveal significant findings that may offer new clues toward prevention or a cure of this increasingly pervasive disease.

CDC Says 1 in 50 Children Now Have Autism

02 Apr 2013 | 91,394 Views

A government report reveals a shocking rise in autism rates among US schoolchildren over the last five years. What is behind this growing epidemic?

Floors that Make You and Your Children Sick

26 Sep 2012 | 237,573 Views

It's a type of flooring that many people love, but now serious health risks are revealed. Infants sleeping in a room with it were twice as likely to have autism... Also linked to breast cancer, uterine fibroids, chronic allergies, disrupted hormones, asthma and more. This is one type of floor you may want to avoid...

New Report Shows Drug Companies Lied and Overstated Their Drug’s Ability to Treat Autism

24 May 2012 | 32,404 Views

Up to one-third of autistic children are taking drugs that only appear to be effective because of a stealthy manipulation of data.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Now Affecting 1 in 54 Boys in the US

17 Apr 2012 | 243,656 Views

And the statistics become even more alarming. In the last 5 years, the CDC reports an earth-shattering 78% increase in diagnosed occurrences. Plus more... a reported 110% increase for Hispanics and 91% for black children. What's the cause of this disorder and is there anything you can do?

New Evidence Refutes Fraud Findings in Dr. Wakefield Case

24 Jan 2012 | 133,493 Views

A new twist has been uncovered that may blow the case to discredit the link between MMR vaccine and autism clearly out of the water...

How a Physician Cured Her Son's Autism...

31 Jul 2011 | 536,554 Views

Proven advice on autism - from a doctor who cured her son's autism after her own profession said it was impossible... Inside: the brain's silent autism partner, the risk-assessment test you must do in the first few weeks of life, and much more...

Bill Gates to Waste $10 Billion on Vaccine Research?

20 Feb 2010 | 33,626 Views

Bill Gates declared, "we must make this the decade of vaccines." Yet, with all the risks and fraud exposed during the Swine Flu fiasco, could this donation do more harm than good?


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