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Are C-Sections Contributing to Autism?

24 Oct 2017 | 247,261 Views

Could this procedure, which messes with levels of this vitamin, be a significant contributor to growing levels of this debilitating disease? A well-respected doctor says yes, and he's triggering major controversy within the medical industry as the books are rewritten.

Folate May Mitigate Pesticide-Related Autism

25 Sep 2017 | 201,778 Views

Thanks to this widespread chemical, there's high odds you're deficient. But the good news is you can boost your levels by including an ample supply of these 4 vegetables in your diet and ensuring the supplements you do take for it contain this.

Heavy Metals, Poisons and Deficiencies Are Causing Autism Epidemic

13 Jun 2017 | 45,554 Views

Autism rates have been on the rise for decades, with mounting studies suggesting a significant environmental culprit in the epidemic. From exposure to heavy metals in the womb to deficiencies or overloads of key minerals, researchers are getting closer to pinning down the complex processes that may trigger autism.

Environmental Exposures, Autism and Developmental Delays — An Approach From an Integrative Psychiatrist

17 Jul 2016 | 229,189 Views

The traditional viewpoint is that it's genetic, but scientists are leaving that theory in the dust and turning toward environmental factors. With reputable estimates that this condition will affect half of all kids within the next 20 years, a growth rate far greater than what genetic change could create, it's time to look at other culprits

New Discoveries May Unlock the Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Autism

14 Feb 2016 | 283,917 Views

You wouldn't let someone open your electrical box and mess with the wiring. Yet millions are neglecting this vitamin - and it could throw the internal wiring in your brain out of whack, triggering mood, anxiety and memory problems.

Aspartame Update: Coke Illegally Claims Diet Soda Can Combat Obesity, and Researchers Propose Autism Link

22 Jul 2015 | 307,168 Views

Not only does it encourage sugar cravings and sugar dependence, increasing your odds of weight gain - it can also have serious repercussions on your brain function. Be careful...

Broccoli-Sprout Compound May Improve Symptoms of Autism

27 Oct 2014 | 450,584 Views

This potent detoxifier ushers potent toxins out of your body. One study showed it helped people excrete two carcinogens, including a 61% boost of excreted benzene. Has stunning implications for autism, cancer, gastric ulcers, and a whole lot more, so enjoy it freely.

Culprits of Autism Identified: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Vaccines Made with Human Fetal Cell Lines

06 Oct 2014 | 468,388 Views

Its levels have proliferated by more than 200 times over the past three decades. But new studies suggest fixing it may be as simple as restoring this balance in your body. Want proof? Then consider the fact that each time this happens, autism rates jump.

Environmental Toxins Linked to Rise in Autism

02 Apr 2014 | 500,072 Views

Newborn blood samples uncover this overlooked cause of autism, a hidden link to other birth problems, and an unexpected economic association. These effects are surprisingly strong, and also share a link to Alzheimer's.

The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum

01 Feb 2014 | 327,828 Views

Hardly anyone heard of this 30 years ago, but now its incidence is rampant. Here are its possible causes and 8 safe and effective things you can do to help conquer it.